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A little more detail


(Here are the things you need to know about Uriel. Every angel knows most of this, as well as every fallen angel and probably 99% of the demons. Not every Chosen One is going to know this stuff, and chances are most humans don't either.)

Celestial Hierarchy: Cherubim

Duties: Angel of the flame of God, angel of the Presence, presider over Tartarus (Hades), Angel of the Earth, angel of alchemy, music, literature, the arts.

Important points to keep in mind

He is the primary angel of the earth. Any others are secondary because he's the archangel.

Besides Gabriel, he's the second most 'psychic' angel. He has more magic to him than psychic abilities, though. He uses earth elements for his abilities, though, mostly stone.

Traits only Uriel has (as in, no one else can do this shit, don't write it into your character)

He has control over the earth, it's at his will.

He has 'the flaming sword', the sword of God.

Things everyone knows about Uriel

He's generally a calm angel, not much gets him riled up.

A lot of Uriel's calmness comes from the fact that he has visions. He normally knows the outcome of a situation. This both disturbs him and comforts him.

He has a fondness for chess. But not like Grim Reaper fondness….

He doesn't rule a heaven, nor keep a palace anywhere that anyone knows of. However, Michael made sure that he has a large mansion in Fifth Heaven where he keeps his 'lab' and library. He also has an apartment in Gabriel's palace.

He speaks little, but when he does, it's usually inflamitory or very important.

Uriel usually laces his words with attitude, often insults if he doesn't like you.

He's very close to Gabriel… I mean very close.

He's fairly fond of humans, but sometimes you might catch a glimpse that that fondness may be of a scientific sort.

He cheats at Monopoly.

Things not so well known about Uriel (angels and fallen angel information, all other characters forget you read this)

Uriel loves to read, hence the large library.

He's very scholarly, not surprising, but he loves to learn knew things.

He's the only one currently who can get into Eden. They locked that up, you know.

He will disappear for a very long time, especially when Gabriel isn't in heaven, no one knows what he's doing, just that he isn't seen.

Uriel is extremely likable, but at the same time annoyingly snobbish. His likable side wins out more often than not though.

He's not unfriendly, but is very guarded as to who he allows to be a friend.

He's got a secret, or so it seems, just no one knows what it is.

Because he is an earth element, he has a slight ability to heal, no where near Raphael's ability though.

***only known to those close to him***

He tends to think of humans as little experiments.

Uriel will help Gabriel in Gabriel's little sessions of cruelty. Everything is worth studying for Uriel, he finds it interesting to watch what Gabriel does to others to see what works. They are currently trying to figure out how to turn a demon into a human. It's not working to well.

He loves coffee, absolutely loves it.

Things almost no one knows about Uriel (except a few, Michael, Raphael, Lucifer and Gabriel. It's only in here so that no one picks it up as a character trait. So don't use this information until I bring it up)

He doesn't actually have a secret, as mentioned above, but he just prefers to keep an aura of mystery about him.

He was the fourth angel created, Gabriel liked him from the start, Michael was annoyed by him from the start.

Much like Michael, Uriel depends on the other archangels to fuel him, particularly Gabriel. The earth needs water. It also needs air. Michael is the element that can do him the most harm. Even though air and (but mostly) water can do some damage to him, not nearly as much as fire can.

However… he's a fire angel, this everyone knows. Even though fire is the most destructive thing to him, he controls it very well. He was created of a very firey light, giving him an edge over it.

Something eventually

Archangel Uriel

Uriel is one of the characters in our RP, Sygil

Uriel stares... just stares. Saying nothing.
"I don't hold conversations."
Uriel leaves the room.

Uriel is the completely mysterious archangel. He never says much; never seems surprised by anything; always has a mysterious air to him. It's like there's something going on that only he is aware of and he's not telling anyone.

Don't quote me on that

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A bit of detail

Character name: Uriel

Appearent age: Mid-20's

Physical appearence: dark Brown/auburnish hair, has been known to have black hair when he feels like it; Brown or hazel eyes;White wings has a redish overtone

Male: long hair, well past his shoulders; About 6'5" in hieght; slim build

Female: very long hair; usually around 6'3" sometimes 6'5"; does the earthy beauty very well.

Angel of:Angel of: flame of God, angel of the presence, presider over Tartarus (Hades), archangel of salvation, angel of the earth, spirit of ministration and peace. Angel of magic, devotion, alchemy, sudden changes, astrology, universal cosmic consciousness, divine order, emergencies, judgment, enlightenment and insights. One of the four guardians of God's throne. Stands at the gate of the Lost Eden with a fiery sword.

Celestial Hierarchy: Cherubim

First impression: He comes off as quiet and a little moody at first; very intelligent and calm. He has incredible patience. Sometimes he seems to blend into the background, but that seems to be by choice. Where as the other angels have a presence, Michael overbearing, Raphael chipper and always a happy air, Gabriel moody, dark and foreboding, Uriel is a strong quiet that may not at first attract attention.

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Those who seem to like Uriel

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Character Quiz

What's your character's favorite fruit?
Uriel: Pomegranates

What's your character's favorite song?
Uriel: Collide, White Rabbit

If your character could be any other occupation than he/she is, what would that be?
Uriel: Teaching, honestly. He spends far too much time being an archangel, he'd like to just teach others how to do things.

What does your character fear the most?
Uriel: The end of his existence.

What does your character love the most (object, activity, ect.)?
Uriel: Looking through his library... followed by experimenting with 'things' as a close second. Also coffee.

What is your character's driving force?
Uriel: Harmony. (And annoying Raphael with being pretensous )

What animal does your character identify with?
Uriel: Horses because of their spirit.

Who is your character's favorite author?
Uriel: Shakespeare, A Midsummer's Night Dream is his all time favorite work.

Who does your character admire most?
Uriel: Rosa Parks. A human that could stand up in the face of injustice and make a huge impact with one simple action. Even though she never intended to.

Where was your character born? (I don't know why I'm putting this question in here, except for the humans)
Uriel: First place he manifested was Israel, supposedly, but he doesn't look it.

What element is your character's personality (Natural element, metal, or the classic elements fire ect.)?
Uriel: The earth, nurturing, a quiet observer, but temperamental as well.

What is your character's scent? (natural scent, not perfume, for humans, what kind of scent does their personality remind people of? Such as, Bril says Chloe has a personality scent of Lavender, it's usually the type perfumes she wears and the way her apartment smells)
Uriel: Amber or Cedar, sometimes ylang ylang, but generally he tends to smell earthy/woodsy

What is your character's nickname?

Uriel: Salvation, since that's his title.

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